The best Microsoft 365 tips on the web

How can you log into Microsoft 365 or the Azure Portal?

Logging into Microsoft Office 365 can be done in several ways. Through your web browser, through Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint.

In this blog, I explain how to get started with the browser. Below you can also read other practical blogs to get started with Office 365.

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Through the web browser

Browse to portal.office.com
Or office.com or myapps.microsoft.com
Enter your username & password

OR the code as shown below if you have MFA.

On the left, select: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint.

How can you log into the Microsoft Azure Portal?

Login to the Azure Portal can be done at the URL: https://portal.azure.com

Use the same credentials as in the Office 365 Account. Unless an administrator has provided separate accounts.

Via Microsoft Edge

Edge is Microsoft's latest browser deeply integrated into Windows 10 and MacOSX. You can add your Office 365 Account in Microsoft Edge.

Instructions: Add a profile

Login with your Office 365 Account

Logging directly into outlook from office 365

logging directly into Outlook online? -> Browse to https://outlook.office.om

Enter your credentials. Your username and password.

From now on, you will never have to log in with a password when using Microsoft Edge.

Starting with Office 365

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