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How to activate and book workspaces in Microsoft Exchange Online ?

For several days now, it has been possible to book an office at a physical location through the new capabilities of Microsoft workspaces.

In the image below, you can see that the room finder (roomfinder) has a new drop-down menu for "type. In the drop-down list, you can select a workspace or meeting room. This can be the workspace allowed by the organization. So there is a physical workshop attached with digital control on the number of seats. Other people cannot book a place that is already taken.

This is what users can see through the online calendar of Office 365. Not yet possible for all Office 365 Outlook clients but possible in Outlook Online.

Connect to Exchange Online

Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement
Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName info@365tips.be

At UPN, enter your login name of a global Administrator. Learn more via this blog.

Create a 'workspace' mailbox

Workspace or workplace mailboxes are the physical workspaces that you as an organization want to make available for users to book. This with a maximum capacity.

new-mailbox -room workspace1 | Set-Mailbox -type Workspace
new-mailbox -room  sofa | Set-Mailbox -type Workspace
new-mailbox -room  conference room1 | Set-Mailbox -type Workspace
new-mailbox -room  kitchen | Set-Mailbox -type Workspace

Create a room list

Create a room list to house all workspace workspaces (mailboxes).

New-DistributionGroup -Name "365tipsHQ" -roomlist

Add the desired 'members' to the room list

Add the members to this roomlisr to make sure you can group them by floor, office, building, unit... anyway if you have the intention to create many workspaces.

Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "365tipsHQ" -member workspace1 
Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "365tipsHQ" -member sofa
Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "365tipsHQ" -member meeting room1 
Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "365tipsHQ" -member kitchen 

Doing checks can get get- and then the command you ran earlier.

Set mailbox capacity properly

Capacity is most important when it comes to security of the users who will later be provided these physical locations.

Set-Place -identity kitchen -Capacity 4

Set your meeting room time to max 24 hours

You can for security and control reasons allow the same people to book per 24 hours to keep this physical place shielded. OR you can reduce this time and allow people to book for a maximum of 6 hours.

Set-CalendarProcessing workspace1 -EnforceCapacity $True -MinimumDurationInMinutes 1440

1440 minutes = 24 hours.

Once you have done all the steps you need to wait 24 hours. The first workspace was visible in Outlook in this test case after 14 hours.

Enter workplaces at Office 365 Online ?

Browse to https://o utlook.office.com and navigate to your calendar.
When you book a new meeting you have the option to choose types on the right. Here choose Workspaces. (workspaces)

To find a workplace with capacity select at least +1.
You can see here that the suggestions are the workplaces we have previously created.

That's it! Workspaces cannot be used in the first 24 hours. There are no ways to force this beyond direct booking of the resource.

Reference and technical information, in this blog. Meeting tips here.

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3 years ago

Sorry to say this but this article full of mistypes, but anyway thanks for writing it

new-mailbox -room conference room1 | Set-Mailbox -workspace type

-> "-type workspace"

New-DistributionGroup -Name "365tipsHQ" -room list

-> "-RoomList"

Conference room Meeting room

3 years ago

Hi Jasper
Thank you for the clear explanation. But I had a question, is it possible to see how many available seats are in a workspace without booking the workspace first?

3 years ago

Hey Jasper

I only see the capacity of a room and not the available seats. so if i have a room with capacity 4 and i reserve a seat i still will see 4 is this a setting or i'm i doing something wrong

Enrique Gonzales
Enrique Gonzales
2 years ago

Hi Jasper,
Did you have an issue creating workspaces and other rooms(conference rooms)? We are trying to deploy workspaces using the new RoomFinder (Microsoft Edge WebView Runtime), but the rooms don't show only workspaces. we have on-prem Conference Rooms that only show in room finder if we type it in the search. we also created new conference rooms and added to the same Distribution list with the workspaces, but they don't show yet. if we revert to the legacy room finder all the rooms and workspaces shows.

Enrique Gonzales
Enrique Gonzales
2 years ago
Response to  Jasper

These are my Room Lists

Enrique Gonzales
Enrique Gonzales
2 years ago
Response to  Enrique Gonzales

I can see the workspaces and conference room when we disable the new version of Room Finder. 

Enrique Gonzales
Enrique Gonzales
2 years ago
Response to  Enrique Gonzales

In the new Room Finder, we can only see the conference rooms, but it does not list workspaces.

The workspace list is only viewable if we type the room list

Lawrence ong
Lawrence ong
2 years ago

hello Jasper,

and thanks for the article. I was wondering if you know of a way to view workspace events, through either a command line (i.e. powershell) function or using graph api?


2 years ago

Hi Jasper - is it possible to prevent a room from showing in the room finder. We have two rooms that I hid from the GAL but they are still showing up in the room finder.

1 year ago

Hi Jasper, is it possible to show the names of all the people that booked a workspace for a certain slot to allow others to see if some colleague will be in office on a certain day?

Would love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment.x