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How to share in Microsoft Outlook calendars with colleagues in Office 365?

Sharing your schedule is a common question within Office 365. (Exchange Online).

In this blog you will read how to quickly share your calendar in the simplest way. We focus entirely on the Online Outlook because here you can enable sharing in an easier way. Then this activation will also apply to the Outlook program.

Of course, this can also be done perfectly well with Outlook 2013 or 2016. But we won't go into that for a moment. Why not? Because more and more people are using the powerful outlook web application. And not everyone uses Outlook today. For example, F1 F3 or E1 users.

Open your Outlook Calendar

Browse go to https://portal.office.com and click Outlook. At the bottom, press Calendar.


Select sharing and permissions

Select sharing and permissions.


Choose who you want to share with in the top view. Select which permissions you want to delegate.


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