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Change primary user - EndPoint Manager/Intune

Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies to: Deploy new devices without a single interaction. (zero-IT), for example, reset or restore and so much more.

Assuming you create a Windows Autopilot environment by default without manual IT interactions. This means you can deploy a device without technically touching it. Sometimes devices change users, or are rolled out incorrectly with the wrong person.

Through these 3 steps, you can customize the primary user. Why? Because you can integrate systems to read out the users. Or want to create reports on which device belongs to which person. This is practical to get your assets (asset management) under control and perhaps move away from labeling, or connecting devices through other tools.

Open the EndPoint manager management center

Browse to: https://endpoint.microsoft.com
On the left side, press Devices.


Then press Windows Devices, select your device.


Change primary user

Press properties, then change primary user.


Select the new user. And press OK. That's it!


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